The Kennedys x Rimowa

Although this project has never been made, I quite like the idea of telling mysterious stories of Rimowa suitcases from the famous Rimowa archive.

Please see some examples below.


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Upon NASA astronauts’ return to Earth, the computers of the space center start showing irregular mesospheric activity. While the scientists try to identify the source of the problem in space, the real core of the issue - a foreign digital parasite - is growing bigger and bigger in a suitcase brought back by the crew.

Sweet memories of a Summer spent in Seattle in 1976 reignite when a middle-age man finds his old suitcase upon moving out of his apartment after his life just collapsed. He decides to go on a journey back to Seattle, to rediscover his long lost identity.  

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While waiting for a delayed train at a Paris railway station, Jake finds an empty suitcase and decides to leave a message inside. What he didn’t expect is that an answer would show up the day after.

A team of highly trained security professionals is transporting the world’s most valuable pen from one part of the city to another when things just start to go wrong.